Dream world



Dream, dreamers’ dreams,
I am dreamer, I have dreams
There are many dreamers, they all have dreams,
We all have same dreams
What’s that?
Just live without sorrow, without morrow,
Just here not anywhere,
Without this political and jealous society,
Live outside this four walls and one roof,
But I like to live here cos it is so pure and clean like flowing water,
Outside I have to smile without reason,
Here I can cry alone,
I want a hug from a dreamer,
Only he can understand me,
I want to make a dream land for dreamers,
Wana Live together pure and clean
Together we will cry and search the road on empty walls,
Lie down and see the empty roof with hope,
I know I am not alone, they are many there,
Suffocating in a room with full of dreams,
Have tears in the eyes and heart too,
Ready to become a star in the night,
But searching the road on the empty walls,

Dreamer it is your life, your dreams,
So it be your pain to bear, don’t expect that other will care,
Ohh dreamer we will have our own land,
Called dream land,
Where you don’t have to walk alone,
See the sky and see the dream with open eyes,
Ohh dreamer just bear for some time more,
You will get what you dream, just try to dream till your last breath,
It is better to die as a fighter, as a competitor,
So try once more with your full force,
I know you have it all in your heart,
Just bring it outside
Ooh dreamer you are not alone
Every dreamer is with you,
Just dream about the dream land,
You will find me and I will you
And we know we can find the road
From these same empty walls”