What is beautiful?

Everything which you love,is beautiful.

If you love something,that is beautiful for you.If somebody else love the same thing.It is beautiful for him too.

If you are not loved by anybody.then you are not beautiful.For being the beautiful,one needs an lover.

So everything which is loved by someone is beautiful…



I want to knit every place with your memories. Whether it be a temple or church. I want to shape you in every particle, Sophie.

By Aryan from the book “A Simple Boy”.

Love is not enough

I know the paining  o
f loving my lover and breaks my heart in moments

 Can you believe it?

It doesn’t even matter to her.

What I feel for her.


Sometime I think,What she really wants.

What type of love she likes.


Doing love more than enough is not good,

because then you become possessive, mad and a psycho for a girl and not having love is also not good.

Both sides is hell.

What guy has to do now.

Just think and think about sweet memories? Because once the love goes it never comes back.

By simple boy…

Lost one

I miss you brother.I am alone in this world.I feel like,I lost everything.Like,I have no desire.

In reality,I can live without anything.Why I become like this?

Please brother come for once and sit with me and hug me for once.