Kashmir is the part of India.

Pakistan attacked Kashmir in 1947. India helped Kashmir and freed most of its land. India went to the UN for the peaceful solution.

Still Pakistan has some part of Kashmir. Which is called Pakistan occupied Kashmir (Also gulam Kashmir).

Pakistan says that It will continue to support the freedom movement. And in other hand, Pakistan already gives some part of Kashmir to the China from the Pakistan occupied Kashmir.

After this, It is utter nonsense to believe the Pakistan that, It is supporting the freedom movement.

Freedom for what?. For giving the land of Kashmir to the China.

Shame on Pakistan. and Shame on UN.



JNU issue

Kanhaiya kumar is the president of the JNU student union. There is a sedition charge on him. He was shouting and supporting the anti national slogans. Some people are supporting him in the name of free speech or freedom of expression. Kanhaiya went for the protest against the death penalty of the Afzal guru and in the favour of the Kashmir movement (without permission). But they have to see the picture of this side too.
1: He is the president of JNUSU. He holds the position of leadership. He has the responsibility.
He is such a brave guy that he was going against the supreme court of India for justice or truth. He has guts enough to do protest against the IPC (Indian Panel Code) decision.
But when some student was shouting slogans against the nation, this guy Kanhaiya kumar who was brave to go against the law and that also without permission (JNU did not give permission for protest) was silently watching when some students shouting against his mother land. He was not stopping them.
It is like some people go for the protest against the Delhi Government for women safety and two people come out and start shouting in the favour of JAT reservation. And the protest leader neither stopping those students who are shouting against the real motive of their protest that is for women safety.
Why kanhaiya was not stopping those students who were protesting on another issue? Because that was not the motive of the protest. As a leader of the JNU student union it was his responsibility to stop them who were protesting on another issue or shouting slogans against the nation. Otherwise what is the meaning of be the president of JNUSU.
That means he was supporting them. If not then a guy who is ready to go against the law of the nation, what he was doing there. Was he afraid of them? But how when without permission he went for the protest and shouting slogans in the favour of terrorist (Afzal guru). He was not afraid that time. It is not believable.
2: They shouted slogans like “bharat tere tukde tukde honge,bharat murdabad and Pakistan zindabad). Afzal guru was the indian. He supported the attack on indian parliament. He convicted under the indian law. Then what is the logic behind shouting “bharat tere tukde tukde onge”. Will the Afzal guru get the justice by dividing the India in many countries? Or Will Pakistan’s government or law give the justice to Afzal guru?
They said they have the right “right to free speech”. It is their constitutional right.
A nation which is giving them right, these so called intellectuals are ready to shout against the same nation who is giving them rights.
They said kanhaiya was not supporting it (anti national slogans), because he went for permission for protesting death penalty.
It likes a boy took the 500 rupees for the tuition and if he didn’t went to tuition and went for the watching movie. So according to them he was not a liar.
Nobody believes a guy who went for the protest without permission.
3: people are asking for a resign from the delhi commissioner, Because kanhaiya was beaten by the lawyers inside the court under the police security.
This same rule applies on the kanhaiya, he is the president of the JNUSU and under his presidency people were shouting anti national slogans. He should also give resign too.
4: They said let the university investigate the all episode and let the university issue with university only.
Ok, then why JNU student went for the protested against the Supreme Court verdict of death penalty to Afzal guru? Supreme Court is not the part of the JNU. Afzal guru was the terrorist.
Why JNU came out for the support of terrorist? Many soldiers died in the parliament attack. When JNU can comes outside then police too.
And crime is crime. It is same for all people. It is written in the constitution, law is same for everybody. It will be discriminate to others who are doing crime outside the college or universities.
Then they will also start doing protest against the law of the nation.

India is not the nation of kids. Everybody knows what is happening. It is unbelievable to believe kanhaiya was not supporting anti national slogans. Is he the kid? Why he did not stop them?
Will he do the same when somebody will come in his home and give gallis to his mother?
5: they said it was a peaceful protest.
In video they are shouting “bharat tere tukde tukde honge”. From every angle it is looking aggressive. Anybody can say that even a kid too after watching the video.
It is not looking peaceful from any angle.

JNU is one of the best universities of India. It is making by the students. They should not forget their responsibility to toward the nation, that they should give respect to the India.
They are putting so much energy for proving that kanhaiya didn’t say anything. Pointing finger also on sedition law by saying that it is a draconian law or remove this law too, but never put the 10% of that energy for finding the people who shouted the slogans.

Oh JNU, be the Indian first. Don’t make the people of the nation fool. Everybody is watching you.

All thorough out this, one thing is coming out good that is, earlier people used to shut their mouth and did not come out against these people (who shout anti nation slogans). Because whenever they used to speak, others started branding them a member of RSS or right wing thinker or Hindu nationalist. And they are doing the same now.
Now people are starting to come out and give their view and support. They said enough is enough. RSS or right wing political parties are different.
Now they don’t shy to come and speak for the nation. They don’t care anymore about all the branding or tags. They make their place among them.
That’s the good thing now they understand that everybody who speaks against these anti nation slogans shouters will not become the RSS member or Hindu nationalist.
They are true Indians.