Forgive me,Tonight

Forgive me, tonight

I want to be your lover, because you are my longing
I want your hero, because you are my dream
Please don’t talk to any other guy because then I will kill you,
You are only born for me, and I am for you,
Love me whole day and let me love you in many way
Let me steal your lips (redness through my lips)
Let me flow myself (through your vein)
Let me give you unforgettable love tonight
Let me give you some divine pain tonight
Cos this night would not come again, my love
So baby tonight bear the pain for sake of love
Oh baby it hurts you, I know
But our heart wants to know,
(Ask your heart he wants to know)
Let have an orgasm in moonlight
Feel my heartbeat, my soul, my breathe tonight,
I am sure I give you love which you always dream about it,
Cos I am killer lover
So let me drink your blood,
Let me enter in your heart,
Let me smell your body, tonight
Let me kill you tonight
So let me kill you, please baby
“forgive me, tonight”
Give me my days back.


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