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THE PUPPET-you see what you want to see

“Whose hands are these?”
God, destiny and fate are the important part of our life. We do many things every day sometime good things and some time bad things according to the situation for our life. Sometime we do for supreme power “the god”. Sometime we love him and sometime we hate him. Sometime time we pray to him and other time we abuse him. This time take out your time to understand him. Who is god? Where is he? And what he does?
We have many example in our daily life through which we can understand him but we never try. We always try to defend our self. I have a humble request to try one more time to understand him. This will make your life simple. You will then have the better options in your life to make your life better.
This is my effort to tell you who is your god, where he lives and what he does.
Best of luck



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