The Puppet-2

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The Puppet-2 “looking for the stars”

Dreams, goals and ambitions are important things of our life. They are all come from the thoughts. We divide them in different words and call them differently. We dream and I think most of us have a dream. Dream to get something and dream to achieve something which will make your life happy. A feeling of achievable is something extraordinary in its own sense.
Some people dream and start achieving that dream. They fall and they quit and they start believing in their destiny. Some people dream do hard work and they fall and stand again but they quit after going few miles. Some people dream and do hard work or can say do everything for achieve their dream till they get it.
Everything we dream that is present in this world. But why some people don’t get what they dream after doing hard work for that. Other side some people get what they dream. Have you ever thought that what qualities they have?
They have simple qualities. You just have to understand those simple things and follow in your life. These are so simple that anybody can understand or learn and get their dreams after following them.


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