Literate Indians be The Indian

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Literate Indians Be the Indian – A Debate


Or I can say people who live in metro cities.
They have good schools for their children. Qualified teachers teach them. They have the internet, so world is here in their laptop. Friends are so close than the heart beat, through the whatsapp and messenger, Have 4 wheeler for going to the mall and wear the branded cloths. They drink distillery water when they roam outside or of aqua guard when they rest in home. Their favorite time pass to sit in McDonald or eat pizza or watch the all types of man’s films like Spiderman, batman, ironman, human or x-man which shows the same theory line like “there is an attack on America that means attack on humanity”. And they tell that Indian film industry should learn from these movies to make the good watachable movies.
They are gentleman. They think and don’t do anything more than that.


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