Do you believe in god? Do you believe in destiny? What you do.

“I am asking this question to a guy, whom I am seeing in the mirror. It is another part of me. It is my better half. He always does what I do. Whenever I see myself in the mirror, this guy shows me who I am. Sometime I hate this guy. Sometime I love. He is my best friend. But sometime he becomes my enemy. But now I don’t have any contact with him. Because sometime he shows not only my external appearances but everything, specially my bad parts. I have done many wrong things in my life like cheating, stealing, lying, and destroying other people’s life. It shows me my soul.

I am a god fearing guy. I believe in god and I think he write my destiny. It means he already planned everything for me. Still I do wrong things. I don’t know why. But whenever I ask myself after seeing in mirror, why I do, there is only one answer comes “for wants”.  I become shameless. I don’t have any need of respect. I want to smile but that’s lie. I hate everybody because everybody hates me.

But that is not right. I am greedy. I need more and more. The more I get. The more I want. I need curtain to hide my mistakes, my wrong doings. May be I am a gutless guy. Because I quit before getting I want. I don’t have courage to sacrifice my time, my energy, my mind. I need everything without doing anything right. I don’t want to suffer, I know this is true but I suffer every day. How can I hide it now?  I chant these lines to hide.

“I believe in god. God write bad things in my fate. Now this is my destiny, what I can do. Nothing is in my hand”.

I don’t have a dream to become a billionaire or have the Ferrari. I want simple things in my life. But for the last 10 years my life has changed. From the believer of god and destiny, I become non believer in god and destiny and fate. There is somewhere in my mind which still tell me that god is here. But I am sure about destiny.  There is no destiny at all. I am paying for what I done”

Criminal’s word



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