Chapter Three: Kill People And Go To Heaven

I never understand this one. That by killing other religion person can make god happy and then I will go to heaven.  I never understand this bullshit.

I always remember one incident “2002 godra riots” a riot between Hindus and Muslims.

What happened? A train was going to Ahmadabad. There was a coach in which “kar sevak” (Devotees of Rama, this same group members were involved in 1992 babri mosque demolition were travelling) that whole coach was locked from outside and burn it to take revenge of babri mosque demolition.

Some people who did this bullshit. Their theory is that they did for their religion (Islam) and their people.

Oh really? Is the theory this simple?

One question always comes in my mind. First of all how they knew that those same kaar sevak who were travelling in a train and that coach were present there in 1992 babri mosque demolition. If some of them of kar sevak were not there nine years back. Then who took the responsibility of their death and how you could get the heaven. Tell me that also.

How can god be happy?

Then Hindu people started killing Muslim people why? Same theory because others killed our people that’s why we would also kill their people.

With whom they were living for past ten years twenty or thirty years. They started killing Just because they were also Muslims.

This question came in my mind, what was those Muslims fault? And what was those Hindus fault?. If they wanted to kill other religion people just because to satisfy their own belief, then why they stopped killing each other after three days. I never understand why. If you suddenly could not live together because you suddenly started hating each other and that hate was that much strong that you started killing old people, woman and even kids and not even thought twice to rape innocent woman, girls and small kids.

So why they people stopped after three days? If you can’t live together because of hate then kill each other till either religion people die in this earth. This is simple. How can they live start together after three days? How? How can they go to office together and do work? How they start to purchase the food from same shop? How they start living together? How?

You wanted to kill, so kill. Why you stopped. Why they stopped. Was that hate for three days only?

I never understand these bastards who call themselves “man” and man to take revenge. I bet, half of them even don’t know the rituals of their religion. I am talking about basic rituals. Most of them don’t know about the history and origin of their religion. And suddenly one day they came out from somewhere as a savior of their religion.

Next thing is that, a Hindu thinks that there is his god only like (lord Shiva or lord Krishna). We all are his sons. A Muslim thinks the same thing that, there is their god only. One god and that is Allah.

But I don’t know who is there but question arise, are they kill each other?

Those same people (rioters) believe in destiny and fate. They say we are created by god and he creates our destiny.

I want to ask them, if our future is already written. That means babri mosque would demolish in 1993. That means it was written by the god. So there is no sense in killing people. And the train would burn and people would die. It was written. Then why they started to kill Muslims. And why they demolished babri mosque.

They said they demolished mosque because there was once lord ram temple and few century back a ruler demolished and build the mosque. But it was written. So go home and sleep.

There are few bastards also who says by killing people, they will get the place in the heaven. They are called terrorist.

They are the stupidest people ever born in this world. They don’t know why they are living. They even don’t know their own religion, caste or tribe. They just kill in the name of these things.  And they say we are created by one god and there is one god their god.

Then ask these bastards why they kill people of other religion, when they are also created by god and the next thing is “it is written”. So why there is fight or say god does not create our future and life.

I never get the sense from this theory.

What they get. They get nothing. Both side of the people die including woman and kids. They just sow the seeds of hatred for the future kids.


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