Chapter Four: Destiny

Throughout my life I always hear that our life or we can say our future is already written. It is written by god “the supreme power”. I always hear about destiny when something bad happens with those people who always talks about destiny or good happen with other people than these Sayers.

I don’t believe in destiny and many times I ask many people about the destiny. But nobody ever give me the satisfied logic of destiny. I give much logic behind my theory, that there is no destiny written. We make our own future.
From childhood I believe that we create our own future. But I was confused. One day it was morning and I was sitting in the garden. I had the newspaper in my hand and the first news which I read was this “6 year old girl raped by man”.
I was shocked. Then this destiny theory came in my mind. I was thinking that is this shit created by the god? I don’t believe that god don’t have any other things to create.
If god creates everything, how can gods creates this shit? If god created that rape with a baby, what was he thinking? Was he happy during create this?
I don’t know how God can create these things. If he creates that rape, then I don’t want to believe in the god or that person. Who create or make this type of incident.
I asked many people. Who believes in this theory that god creates our fate.
“What was her fault? How can god create this? Create means creating everything. So he was thinking deeply and had aware of everything what he was creating. But how can one create that rape? It is impossible to understand”.
One said god was trying to give a lesson. I asked that dumb guy. What he was trying to teach? He said nothing.
He didn’t have anything to say. I said he is god. Why he does not have any other mode of giving the lesson. If he does not have then why he is god? He did not say anything like other people.
But I said and started to believe that, if he creates these things, which I don’t believe that he creates, and then I don’t have to believe in him.
It was the rapist fault. Who did the crime, and he deserves the harsh punishment. I want to ask the one question to the fate believer that, if god creates destiny and he created that rape to be done by that particular person. Then punish the god other than the man who committed the crime.
But one person said that, rapist should be punish not god. Because god creates us and he gives good and bad things to us. And he gives the punishment too.
But I don’t believe in this theory too. That means we are puppet of god. We are doing whatever he is trying us to do, whatever he wants. He is playing with us and he does not have any shame too, when he makes these shits. And in the end we have to do these cries or his deeds.
If god is doing these things by intention, that means he is the bigger criminal than that rapist. I think he is the real criminal. And I will never stand in the side of the criminal.
There is another story too, which always remain in my heart. I read an article in a magazine. That article was on a terrorist bomb blast, in which 55 people die and 261 people injured.
There was written that father went to the bomb blast scene to find the remaining of his 4 year daughter. Who went to the market with her mom. He tried hard but didn’t get anything. Then after sometime he saw the small piece of yellow cloth, which he took out with his hand and start weeping by putting with his chest.
As he knew, her daughter wore the yellow dress before going to market.
I always ask this question to myself. Why god created if some how he creates, that blast, that particular incident. How can he create that a small girl would go the market and the bomb will blast in which not a single piece of her body remained. How can somebody make this horrible creation?
Still this is unbelievable that many people still believe that our future is already written. If it is written then why you pray. If it is written in your fate that you have to pray. So god is bending down in this level that he wants us to bend in front of him and pray. That means he is a ruler, tyrant or the real criminal. Why we hate each other, because we should hate him. Why we kill each other in the name of him, because we should demolish his home (temple, mosque and church etc).
Now we have two options. First believe that there is destiny. It means God is the real criminal. Second option is that there is no fate and destiny. It means live together and happy with people of all religion and caste. CHOICE IS YOURS.


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